As soon as you’re invited to a baby shower, you wonder what gift you should buy. After all, you want to get the perfect baby shower gift that you know the new parents and baby will love!

Although there are tons of great options for baby shower gifts, today I’m going to share my recommendations for the top 5 baby shower gifts that are sure to be favorites for any new mom or dad! Gift one of these options and you are guaranteed to please the growing family. Best of all, there are options to fit any budget!

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Recommendation #1: Doona Car Seat Stroller and Latch Base

This is the most amazing gift that you could possibly get expecting parents. It is the holy grail of baby items!

Typically, you need both a new car seat and a new stroller for your baby. You obnoxiously lug around your super awkward car seat, while your back is aching and your arms are burning. To avoid this, parents typically get a stroller that’s compatible with their car seat. But they still need to hook up the car seat to the stroller every time they get out of the car and it takes up a ton of trunk space while you’re driving. 

But the Doona Car Seat Stroller solves all of these problems! This amazing stroller folds down and the entire thing fits right into your car. You can put it on the base to make things ridiculously easy or you can strap it into any car if you’re traveling with friends. Click this video to see how easy and convenient it is!

We got a Doona from my mother-in-law before our baby arrived and I can honestly say that it is hands-down our favorite baby item. I would give up every other baby item that we had (except disposable diapers *wink*) and find a way to get by if it meant that we got the Doona.

This is a more expensive item, and we probably would have turned it down at first glance. But now that I know how amazing and handy it is, I would absolutely buy it and plan to have a Doona for all of my future babies. I kid you not, we talk about how amazing it is on a daily basis.

This is the perfect big item to gift to expecting parents or group gift to go in on together and purchase. It fits premies all the way up to kids that are 35 pounds, meaning parents will get a ton of use out of it. The new parents will adore it and will be constantly stopped by other parents wanting to take pictures of this amazing contraption. (We honestly can’t go anywhere without several people stopping to ask about it. It’s that cool!)

Check out all 14 color options for the Doona here!

Recommendation #2: Boba Baby Wrap

A great baby wrap is another must-have in my opinion. I am a huge fan of babywearing, and I honestly don’t know if I would have gotten through the fourth trimester without my baby wrap.

Especially during the first few months after your baby is born, when they want to be held a lot. A LOT. My baby rarely let us put him down during the first three months. Having a high-quality baby wrap allowed me to multi-task and accomplish something while I held my baby. 

Even better, my baby adored our Boba wrap. When he was fussy, I would wrap him up nice and tight and then cuddle, do chores around the house, or even go for a nice, long walk outside. Every time, he was instantly calmed down as soon as I put him in the wrap. Even during the difficult “period of purple crying,” our Boba wrap was the easiest way for me to soothe him. And I can guarantee that any new parent will be so grateful for any gift that can help decrease baby cries. 

I highly recommend the Boba wrap. I found it simple to tie and love that you can use it from birth to 35 pounds. It’s incredibly comfortable and we always feel super secure when we’re wrapped up tight, even during power walks outside! There are several ways to wrap it to accommodate your baby’s preferences as she grows. And it’s one of my favorite tools for nursing in public because its flexible fabric allows me to easily nurse while babywearing and still be incredibly discreet. 

Check out all of the options here!

Recommendation #3: Baby Bottles

Whether the growing family plans to breastfeed or bottle-feed, it is incredibly likely that their baby will take a bottle occasionally (or even more often!). And a great bottle can make a huge difference!

We knew that we wanted bottles that could help minimize baby gas since that’s already a challenge for newborns. (So much so that I’m creating a FREE 5-day class on easy ways to prevent and relieve baby gas! Subscribe to my email list at the bottom to get an update when it’s available!)

I quickly fell in love with the Playtex Baby Ventaire Anti Colic Baby Bottles. They are built with little vents to keep air at the bottom, which is an amazing way to prevent baby gas since your baby won’t swallow as much air. I also love that they come with nipples that are designed to help switch back and forth between breastfeeding and bottle-feeding. And they were designed with an angle to help prevent acid reflux and support paced bottle-feeding. 

We had this bottle set and I think it is perfect for new parents! We haven’t needed any other bottles because it comes with different bottle sizes and nipples. It’s also super affordable and has become one of my favorite baby shower gifts to give new parents. 

Recommendation #4: Haakaa Breast Pump

I adore this cute little breast pump and think it is so handy! Even if moms only plan to breastfeed for a short amount of time, I think it is an amazing gift. It is the primary tool that I used to build my freezer supply to OVER 100 ounces, and that was AFTER battling with low supply issues. And I didn’t even have to spend any time pumping!

New moms use their Haakaa while they are breastfeeding. Your baby eats on one side and you use this hands-free pump on the other side. It lets you catch any let-down and build your stash without a single extra pumping session. 

It is such a useful item that I now gift it to all new moms at their baby shower. I actually started keeping an extra one on hand so I know I’ll always have a baby shower gift ready when I need one. And I tell all new moms that this can be life-changing because it is so easy.

I prefer to get the one with the suction base and flower stopper. These extra features help to prevent spilling even a drop of that precious breast milk and I think it’s well worth a few extra dollars because I’m so clumsy. 

Click below to pick up one for your next baby shower.

Recommendation #5: Diapers and Wipes

My final recommendation for the best baby shower gifts that you know new parents will love is diapers and wipes. It truly is amazing how many diapers and wipes you go through, and gifting a big (or small) box of diapers and wipes helps new parents to save money and to avoid lugging that giant box through the store with a car seat or stroller as well. 

I mentioned to most of my family and friends that I preferred diapers and wipes for our baby shower gift because I knew how beneficial that would be. We were so fortunate and we received a ton of diapers from family and friends. We’ve only bought two small packages total in the first 6 months!

Because I know how helpful it has been, I now gift diapers and wipes to expecting parents for their baby shower. As the parent receiving diapers and wipes, I was open to anything. Any brand, small box, big box. I loved it all! But feel free to check with the expecting parents to see if they have a brand preference. 

Because I was open to everything,  I received several different brands. Which was awesome, because I got to experiment with all of the choices. Personally, Pampers diapers are my favorite because we have the fewest blowouts to clean up and they fit the best on my baby’s body. I usually choose size 3 or 4 as my gift because I know babies use tons of these sizes, while they can grow out of newborn diapers more quickly.

I also like to gift some wipes, because those aren’t thought of as often, but it seems like you go through them even faster! Surprisingly, my absolute favorite wipes are the unscented Amazon Elements wipes. Unlike some other wipes, these never irritated my baby’s skin. And they are super, super soft!! Best of all, they were the cheapest wipes I could find and I did a lot of research! 

Be prepared for your next baby shower and have these diapers and wipes delivered right to your door by clicking below.

Bonus Recommendation

I love these gift recommendations and I know that they will make all new moms and dads very happy.

But I’d also recommend that you let them know about my site! It’s filled with tons of resources and information to help make the newborn and baby days easier and more fun for new parents. I am constantly adding new articles and free resources and I would love for them to join my insider community!

Jot down my webpage in your card ( or send them the link right now! I can’t wait to help your loved ones feel more confident and enjoy those baby days as much as possible!

Now that you have my list of the top 5 baby shower gifts for new parents, get shopping!

Whether your baby shower gift budget is small or large, you can use these ideas to get something that you know the new parents will truly enjoy and appreciate.

What was your FAVORITE baby item that you had??

Leave a comment below! I can’t wait to see what your favorite was! If you can’t tell, mine was our Doona! It is so amazing not having to carry around a car seat everywhere!

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