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I’m so glad you’re here!

I can’t count how many times people have stopped me to ask,“Wow! You just seem to GET kids. How do you know how to play with them like that?” or emailed me saying “You seem like you have so much fun with your baby! But I have no clue how to actually play with my newborn. Could you share your tips???”

Can I let you in on a little secret?

Playing with babies and toddlers is 100% my zone of genius.

Put me in a room full of adults with a few kids in the corner and I can guarantee  that before I know it I’ll find myself inching over to the kiddos and giggling as we play a silly little game together!

And after talking with hundreds of moms who struggle to master play time with their babies and toddlers and who really want to find the key to falling in love with motherhood, I decided to channel my zone of genius to help other new moms (and dads) learn how to find easy ways to play and bond with their  young kiddos every single day.

Introducing the Baby Led Play Lounge

The Baby Led Play Lounge is my vision to help parents to stop getting stuck in the same old routine day after day. To stop scouring the internet for activity ideas, without ever really figuring out how to translate this to daily play time with their kiddos. To stop stressing over all of the challenges of parenthood.

Joining the Baby Led Play Lounge gives parents the monthly tools, support, and inspiration they need to finally discover how to have a ridiculous amount of fun playing with their babies and toddlers every single day.

I truly believe that helping parents discover how to play and connect with their children will completely transform their parenting experience and help new moms and dads fall head-over-heels in love with the baby and toddler days.

Which brings me back to YOU!

I see all of the amazing things that you’re doing in your online community of baby and toddler parents and would LOVE for us to partner together!

Honestly, I would be absolutely honored for you to join our affiliate program to help spread the word about the Baby Led Play Lounge (and I promise to make it well worth your time to share it with your people).

Baby Led Play Lounge Basics

What is it?

The Baby Led Play Lounge parents to transform their relationship with their baby or toddler and make this phase of parenting really, really fun.

By joining this membership community, new parents will learn how to play with their young children and build daily activities into their routine. After joining this membership and following the activity and action guide each month, parents will discover how to see play opporutnities all around them and create simple, stimulating baby and toddler activities at the snap of their fingers.

Each activity is designed to be easy to set up and play with young babies and toddlers, while delivering maximum fun and milestone development.

This monthly subscription delivers 10 new activities each month focusing on the following areas:

  • Fine Motor Skills
  • Gross Motor Skills
  • Sensory Play
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Messy Play
  • Science Experiments
  • Outdoor Play
  • Numbers & Counting
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Daily Living Skills

The monthly activity book and action guide helps parents know exactly what they need to do to add these fun activities to their routine, and then takes everything a step further by sharing checklists, weekly guides, and monthly check-ins to stay on track all month long.

Who is it for?

The Baby Led Play Lounge is designed for parents with children from 0-5 years old who are passionate about connecting with their children.

These moms and dads are tired of getting stuck in their boring day-to-day routine and want to figure out how to keep their little one busy and stimulated while creating fun memories together.

These parents want to stop obsessively pinning activities to do “some day” and finally start doing these activities on a daily basis.

Moms and Dads joining the Baby Led Play Lounge want to set their children up for success and are interested in learning how to promote growth and development in a laid back and fun way and love the idea of letting their baby set the pace and following their child’s cues during playtime.

These activities can fit into any schedule and are great for stay-at-home parents looking for activities to keep them busy all day long as well as working parents who want to make the most of their evening and weekend bonding time with their babies and toddlers.


April 7th – April 14th: Cart opens with special Founder’s Rate! ($20/month OR $200/year)

April 14th at 11:59 pm CST: Cart closes until next launch

I seriously love what you do and I want you to join our affiliate team!

I can’t say it enough, I love the work that you do in your own online community of baby and toddler parents! I would be so honored and excited to welcome you to our affiliate team.

Of course, this means I want to help make this as beneficial as possible for you too!

Affiliate Benefits:

By joining our affiliate team, you can earn reoccurring revenue EVERY SINGLE MONTH for every person that signs up with your affiliate link.

The Baby Led Play Lounge has a generous 40% affiliate commission.

That’s $8 per month for every member you send over!

This can add up fast and be a great source of additional income for you each month!

Best of all, the Baby Led Play Lounge is something that your audience is going to genuinely love! So you can spread the word and share everything that you’re excited about, without feeling spammy at all.

Post Launch Benefits:

Do you have a course, program, or service that you offer? Let me know about it for the chance to be added into my promotional calendar and email sequences to my commuity (because I LOVE helping the business owners and influencers how have helped me as well!).

Are you in?

Complete this quick application to register for your spot as an official BLPL affiliate!

This helps me to learn even more about you and your audience to make sure we’re a match made in heaven!

I’ll follow up with you in the next day or two to confirm your application and talk next steps on how you can maximize your affiliate earnings during our launch (and reap the benefits for months to come!).

I’ll make this easy for you!

I know you’re busy. Like super, SUPER busy. And you have a LOT of other projects you’re working on.

So I’ve set up tools to make it as easy as possible for you to spread the word with your audience. 

You’ll receive a swipe vault with email and social media copy you can send out with the snap of your fingers to make it super easy to share with your audience throughout the launch!

Use any of these or create your own to help the moms in your audience discover the Baby Led Play Lounge and all of its member perks!

Meet Danielle

 I’m the creator of the Baby Led Play Lounge and owner of Piece of Cake Parenting.

In my free time, you can usually find me at home cuddling and playing with my husband, toddler, and very spoiled cat.

I am obsessed with reading everything I can find about gentle parenting, attachment-based parenting, and raising happy humans.

I’ve spent tens of thousands of hours working and playing with babies and toddlers and absolutely LOVE these ages.

I am on a personal mission to help new parents transform their relationship with their babies and toddlers so they can wake up each day excited to play with their kiddos instead of counting the hours until bedtime.