I’m going to be honest with you. I hate cleaning.

For years, I have failed miserably at cleaning. After a few days (or weeks…) of slacking, I always had to spend an entire weekend power cleaning my very messy and cluttered home. 

Every weekend, I spent hours cleaning up my house when I would much rather spend time with my family, catch up on my favorite book or TV show, or explore outside.

Fortunately, I’ve finally settled into a super efficient and easy cleaning routine that is perfect for busy moms who hate cleaning.

Are you tired of spending hours each day trying to keep your house clean and tidy? Do you want to stop wasting your entire weekend cleaning your house?

If so, check out my 15 minute daily cleaning routine! Plus find cleaning tips and hacks and a daily and weekly cleaning routine that will help you finally learn how to keep your house clean and tidy without wasting hours cleaning every day.

Busy Moms Guide to a Clean and Organized Home in 15 Minutes per Day | Piece of Cake Parenting | Are you tired of cleaning for hours every day, but never feeling caught up? Click to read the 15 simple things you should do every day to finish your daily cleaning in 15 minutes or less each day.

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These are the 15 exact steps I finish in 15 minutes per day to keep my house looking super clean and tidy all the time:

Morning Cleaning Routine (~ 5 minutes):

1 – Make the bed. 

2 – Spray the shower.

3 – Hang up towels and pick up dirty laundry.

4 – Empty the dishwasher.

5 – Start a load of laundry. 

6 – Wipe down the bathroom and kitchen sinks.

7 – Take out the trash or recycling.

Evening Cleaning Routine (~10 minutes):

1 – Sort the mail. 

2 – Switch over the laundry.

3 – Clean while you cook.

4 – Sweep and vacuum.*

5 – Tidy up the house. 

6 – Fold and put away laundry.

7 – Start the dishwasher.

8 – Wipe down the sinks and counters. 

Before we go over my quick and easy cleaning routine in more detail, I want to share a few important tips and lifestyle changes that will completely transform your cleaning routine. 

These will help you to embrace a new mindset so you can always keep your house clean and tidy even with toddlers, babies, cats, and dogs at home.

Embracing these tips will make a huge difference in your cleaning routine and truly help you to accomplish all 15 steps in just 15 minutes a day.

Let Go of Perfection

When I first decided to become a better housekeeper, I watched every YouTube video I could find on cleaning and organization tips. 

I won’t lie, they were super addictive and I was amazed by the cleaning capabilities of these incredible moms. 

But these styles would never work for me. 

I didn’t have the time, energy, or desire to pull out my couch every night to vacuum off the cat hair behind it. Yeah, it would be awesome if I could do that. But I know I will never be that person. 

For me to be successful, I had to accept that I didn’t need to deep clean for hours every cleaning session.

Instead I made the shift to focus on the most important 80-90% of my cleaning and do that every day instead of getting caught up on all 100% perfection and then procrastinating and only cleaning every week or month.

Recruit Help!

I firmly believe that everyone living in the house should help to take care of the housekeeping, including our spouses and kids. 

Make it a habit for your entire family to spend 15 minutes cleaning before bedtime instead of you cleaning for an hour after everyone else is asleep. 

Each family member can tidy up a specific room or have their own chores, or you can all power clean each room together before moving onto the next.

Remember that it’s also never too early to start including your kids in helping around the house. 

When our baby was a newborn, he joined many cleaning sessions while I used my favorite baby wrap to tidy up our house. 😉

Seriously though, baby wearing is one of the best hacks ever to help new moms find time to clean.

Now that he’s one, he helps to unload the dishwasher and loves it. With some guidance and lots of pointing, he also helps to put away all of his toys after he is done playing each day. This is helpful for me and it builds a strong foundation of skills that will be super important for him as he grows up.

Declutter as much as possible.

This is the most important lifestyle change you can make if you want to stop spending all of your time cleaning and organizing. 

My husband and I finally embraced the fact that we are not good enough at cleaning to maintain a house full of stuff. The more things we have, the messier our house will be. This is a fact.

So we spent tons of time going through all of our belongings and getting rid of everything we didn’t need. Now that we don’t have so much stuff, it is much easier to clean and tidy up each day without feeling overwhelmed.

This leads perfectly to my next favorite tip…

Find a home for everything you own.

Once you’ve decluttered and gotten rid of some of your excess stuff, take the time to strategically think about where everything should go. 

Have a specific place where you can put away everything after you use it. 

Don’t let yourself have a junk drawer or shove everything onto a shelf.

Instead invest in some organizers and donate or throw away anything that you can’t find a place to keep it. We recently bought a few different organizational tools and I am amazed at how much faster I can clean every day now that everything is organized and has a home.

Never leave a room empty handed.

If you’re really interested in minimizing the amount of time you spend cleaning, try to adopt a new mentality and embrace little ways you can tidy your home without even feeling like you’re cleaning. 

A great way to do this is to never leave a room empty handed. When you go from the living room to the kitchen, pick up something that needs to be put away. 

When you leave the kitchen, tidy up one thing on your way out. 

This will literally only take you a second here and there but will cut out tons of time from your cleaning routine! Once I started doing this, I didn’t have to spend time picking up each room at night because I slowly tidied the house all day long!

Embrace the One Touch Rule

One of the best ways to stop wasting all of your time cleaning up your house is to try to minimize the mess and clutter you have in the first place. 

As soon as I learned about the One Touch Rule, I was hooked! 

In a nutshell, you only allow yourself “one touch” when putting something away. 

When you walk into your house and take off your jacket, you don’t throw it on the couch and then have to put it in the closet later (two touches). Instead, you take it off and put it right into the coat closet (one touch). 

Using this helps to shift the mindset in your home and makes your cleaning routine so much easier. You no longer have to spend time decluttering or going through things because you built into your daily routine. 

Invest in a robotic vacuum

It sounds silly, but to be completely honest, buying a robotic vacuum is what finally motivated me to clean and tidy my house every day. Silly, but true!

If you’ve never had one, these vacuums are amazing! I turn mine on after supper each night. It quickly and quietly cleans up all of the messes and crumbs that come with a baby who does baby led weaning and a clumsy mom. 😉

In the meantime, I quickly pick up the rest of our house and then our vacuum finishes cleaning all of the bedrooms, bathrooms, and living room. It perfectly navigates around everything, knows not to fall down the stairs, and then automatically re-docks on the charging cable once it’s done. 

It’s AWESOME and it really motivates me to pick up the house because I want it tidy enough to run our vacuum without it getting stuck on anything we have laying around.

Create a cleaning routine:

I think this is another really important part of making the mental shift and finally learning how to keep your house clean every day. 

I have a specific cleaning routine of 15 little things I do every single day that always take me about 15 minutes. 

I also have a few weekly cleaning tasks to add in a little deep cleaning and make sure that my house stays looking clean and tidy.

Keep reading to learn more about my 15 steps to keep your house clean in 15 minutes or less plus my extra weekly cleaning tasks to take your cleaning to the next level (without spending tons of time cleaning).

Daily Cleaning Routine in 15 Minutes or Less:

Now that I’ve shared a few of my favorite cleaning tips and lifestyle changes, I want to share my exact routine to efficiently clean your house in 15 steps for only 15 minutes a day.

This cleaning routine is perfect for anyone who is super busy or who hates cleaning, because it’s super quick, low effort, and high reward!

Morning Cleaning Routine:

I’m not a morning person and I always push snooze until the last possible minute. This means that I don’t have time to finish lots of last minute cleaning tasks every morning. 

But I do always find 5 minutes each morning to finish my morning cleaning routine.

1 – Make the bed. 

I never really understood how much of a difference this made until I started making my bed every morning. It sets the culture of having a clean house and also instantly makes your home look less cluttered and more organized. 

If you’re not a big fan of making the bed, I recommend buying a duvet with a cover over it. This means you only have one blanket to pull up when you get up and literally takes 10 seconds or less to make the bed. 

2. Clean your shower after after use.

Once soap suds build up on your shower, it takes a lot more time and effort to scrub it clean. Buy a shower cleaner spray and spend 5 seconds spraying down the shower after each use. 

This helps it to look and smell clean right away and makes deep cleaning easier in the long run. 

3. Hang up towels and pick up dirty laundry.

It is super tempting to throw your dirty towels and clothes in a pile on the bathroom floor each morning. But then you have to find time to clean this up later on!

Instead, take a few seconds to hang up your towel so that it can properly dry and be reused a couple of times. Then pick up any dirty clothes and put them in the hamper or throw them directly in the laundry machine. 

4. Empty the dishwasher.

I know clearing the dishwasher in the morning seems like too much work. How can it possibly be worth getting up a couple minutes early to do this??

I told myself this same excuse for years!

But I’ve got to ask – Have you ever timed how long it actually takes to empty the dishwasher? For me, it typically takes about 3 minutes, especially when I stay caught up and don’t overfill it.

When I spend 3 minutes unloading my dishwasher in the morning, I know it’s empty and ready to go when I get home to cook supper at night. This means I can put everything right into the dishwasher instead of loading up the sink and then spending extra time moving everything into the dishwasher later. 

Trust me, you’ll save tons of time in your overall daily cleaning routine by emptying your dishwasher every single morning and you can squeeze it in quickly while you’re brewing your coffee before work.

5. Start a load of laundry.

Again, I used to insist that I didn’t have enough time to start the laundry in the morning. 

But all I have to do is grab my hamper, walk down our stairs, add the clothes and soap, and then hit the schedule button so that our machine machine starts an hour before we get home from work. 

I timed it and it takes less than 60 seconds for me to do this!

But by taking those 60 seconds, I know my clothes are ready to be moved into the drier when I get home from work at night. That means I’ll have plenty of time to dry and fold them each night and I don’t end up with a giant laundry pile of 15+ loads to fold. 

6. Wipe down the bathroom and kitchen sinks. 

This is one of my favorite tips on your to keep your house extremely clean. I think little water spots all over the sinks instantly make your house look a little messier. 

So every morning before I head out the door for work, I spend 10 seconds in the bathroom and 10 seconds in kitchen wiping down my sinks with my favorite cleaning rags

7. Take out the trash or recycling. 

Every day on the way out of the house, we take out the trash or recycling. We alternate every other day and this helps to make sure we never get a huge pile up of trash and our house always stays tidy and odor-free!

Overall, my morning routine takes me about 5 minutes each day and I always leave the house for work feeling super accomplished and proud of my clean home! 

Better yet, this sets me up for success for my evening cleaning routine. 

I already have most of the basics covered, so I can quickly move through my evening cleaning routine and only spend about 10 minutes cleaning and tidying each night before bed.

Evening Cleaning Routine

1 – Sort the mail. 

On my way into the house each evening after work, we always stop by the mailbox and grab the mail. Following my One Touch Rule, I immediately sort and deal with mail right away. 

I throw all of the junk mail directly into the recycling. 

I open my bills and add them into my bills folder so they are ready and organized when I sit down to pay them each month. (Side note, opt in for paperless billing whenever possible to save a few trees and keep your house less cluttered with unnecessary paper.)

Any personal mail, I open and read it and then put it away if I want to keep it or put it into my recycling box if I don’t need it anymore.

30 seconds later, I’ve cleaned up all of my mail instead of creating a giant pile to go through later. 

2. Switch over the laundry.

As soon as I’m done with the mail, I head down to switch the clothes from the washer to the dryer. 

If your washing machine doesn’t have the delayed start setting, you can load up all of your clothes in the morning and then hit start once you get home from work. Just don’t forget to switch it over to the dryer as soon as it’s done so you have time to fold clothes before bed. 

When you do buy your next washing machine, I highly recommend getting one with a delayed start because they make a huge difference in helping to stay caught up on laundry every day.

3. Clean while you cook. 

Before switching over to my new routine, our kitchen was what always made us fall behind on our cleaning schedule. Doesn’t it always seems like a never ending battle to keep the kitchen clean?

From now on, while you are cooking, clean the kitchen as much as possible. Pick up dishes and spices as soon as you are done with them and put them into the cupboards and dishwashers as soon as possible. 

My goal is always to have all of the counters cleaned and cleared by the time that I serve dinner for my family. This means that we just have to put away our dishes and clean off the table once we’re done eating.

4. Sweep and vacuum every night.

Try to sweep up your kitchen every night after you are done eating supper. This will help you to keep your house looking and feeling much cleaner and it typically only takes a few minutes. 

Also try to vacuum every day or two, especially if you have pets. It is shocking how much cleaner your house looks when you make this a priority. 

With that being said, vacuuming my entire house, typically takes me about 20 minutes or so, and I don’t really enjoy doing it every day. Even if I do love how clean my carpet looks once the baby crumbs and cat hair is cleaned up. 

Again, I can’t say it enough. Invest in a robotic vacuum. We bought this one and I instantly fell in love with it. Now I can skip the sweeping and vacuuming completely and just hit start (or program it to start on it’s own). My entire house gets swept and vacuumed every evening without me spending a single minute on this chore.

5. Tidy up the house.

Part of our nighttime routine is to quickly walk around the house and tidy up anything that is on the floor or counters or out of place. 

Because of our new cleaning routines, this typically only takes a minute or two to pick up the last few toys or blankets we were using. 

Although it doesn’t always seem important, this makes a big difference because we go to bed every night with a tidy house and never have to waste our weekend cleaning up and decluttering everything from a busy week.

6. Fold and put away laundry.

Even with my new cleaning habits, I’m still not a fan of folding the laundry. It doesn’t even take that much time or effort, but I always want to procrastinate it. (Can someone invent a robotic laundry folding machine too??)

Although it’s not my favorite chore, every night while I’m watching tv or chatting with my family, we quickly fold our laundry for the day. This typically takes about 5 minutes because we stay caught up and only have one load at a time. 

This is so much better than my previous bad habits where we spent an entire weekend cleaning and folding every article of clothing in our house after weeks of procrastinating. 

7. Start the dishwasher. 

As we finish our bedtime routine, I always make sure that everything was added to the dishwasher and hit start before I go to bed. 

The cycle can run overnight and then everything is clean and ready to be put away by the time I wake up the next morning. 

8. Wipe down the sinks and counters.

The last thing I do before I go to bed each night is wipe off the kitchen and bathroom sinks and counters. I usually use these cleaning wipes to quickly clean and disinfect all of these surfaces each night so our entire house smells fresh and clean. 

It typically only takes a minute or less for me to quickly wipe off all of my counters and it is well worth the effort for me to go to bed feeling like my house truly is clean and tidy because of my new habits and routines!

If you adopt this super easy cleaning routine and really commit to finishing all 15 steps every day, you will be amazed at how clean and organized your house is and how little time you need to spend cleaning.

If you only do these 15 steps every day, you’ll maintain a great baseline and have a tidy home. 

However, I do like to add in a few additional weekly cleaning chores to really elevate my housekeeping and ensure that I always have a really tidy and clean home. 

Every Monday, I spend an extra 5-10 minutes deep cleaning my kitchen. 

I start by going through the fridge and throwing away any expired food. Then I quickly wipe down all of the shelves in the fridge. 

I finish my deep cleaning my wiping down the fridge and microwave with my stainless steel wipes, dusting off the edges of my counter tops, and wiping down all of the outlets and handles. 

On Wednesdays, I deep clean my bathrooms. 

One of my favorite mom hacks is to clean your toilet, counters, and mirrors in the bathroom while your baby is taking a bath. My little one has fun splashing and soaking in the tub while I quickly deep clean my bathroom. 

Once he’s done bathing, I like to spend a few extra minutes wiping down the tub so it gets sparkling clean every week. 

Since we spray off the shower every morning, it usually only takes a couple of minutes to quickly wipe down everything with our cleaning rags.

Fridays are my days to dust.

I love these dusting tools and quickly go through all of the rooms in my house to dust off the lights, ceiling fans, blinds, furniture, and wall decor. 

I love that I am able to make time for this each week so I never get surprised with a giant layer of dust all over everything.

On the weekends, I wash all of our sheets and bedding. 

I adore the feeling and smell of freshly washed sheets.

Each weekend, I squeeze in a little time to wash all of our bedding so that we have a fresh reset every week.

What is your typical cleaning routine? Do you have any cleaning hacks that help you to finish your cleaning list every day?

Busy Moms Guide to a Clean and Organized Home in 15 Minutes per Day | Piece of Cake Parenting | Are you tired of cleaning for hours every day, but never feeling caught up? Click to read the 15 simple things you should do every day to finish your daily cleaning in 15 minutes or less each day.

Busy Moms Guide to a Clean and Organized Home in 15 Minutes per Day | Piece of Cake Parenting | Are you tired of cleaning for hours every day, but never feeling caught up? Click to read the 15 simple things you should do every day to finish your daily cleaning in 15 minutes or less each day.

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