1/13/21 Coaching Call

Welcome to the January 13th 2021 Coaching Call! The last couple minutes of the video didn’t record, but all of the questions were captured. Here’s a quick review of that questions covered in this call.


1:39 – For play activities, should we have them set up before our child awakes from their sleep or can we set them up while they are awake and watching? Thank you!

3:45 – I feel kind of goofy doing these activities with my newborn. Should I keep trying them or wait until he’s older?

7:53 – If our child (toddler) gets distracted during play, should we redirect them back to the activity or let their mind & body wander to the other place where they are drawn?

20:07 – I work full-time and so we don’t have much time for play at the end of the day. Should I focus on true play or 1:1 play? Or is there a way to combine these?

27:33 – What if we set up play for “Wipe Clean” and then our toddler wipes once and is no longer interested? Should we throw this activity out and try another for the morning time play? Or would that be considered “play” even though it lasted for one minute?

31:15 – My baby is 10 months and since he was 4 mo, everything goes in his mouth. I’d love some suggestions for setting us up safely and with minimal mess to do play with materials like playdoh, water, paint, etc. Are there non-toxic paints that can go in his mouth, for example? Also, our little guy likes to crawl around the bathtub, making water play at bath time tricky. Any suggestions for good bath setups (chairs?) or non-bath time ways to set up water play?

41:14 – For toddlers with high distractibility, what types of play activities do you find best suited for them?

46:03 – My 8-month old doesn’t seem to like sensory play at all. Whenever I try to finger paint or do anything where her hands get messy, she get’s really upset. Should I be doing sensory play differently?

50:13 – My 3-week does not like to play independently. I’m not even sure how to try true play because she usually cries whenever I put her down for tummy time and doesn’t play with anything I give her. Should I keep trying this every day? How can I help her to play more independently?

57:06 – I really liked your examples of different ways to adjust activities and all of the variations we can try. Should I try to do one variation each time we play or mix them up during one play session?

1:00:24 – In the conditions for true play part of the video, you talk about not praising our babies. This is really hard for me because I’m constantly saying good job. What are ideas of things I can say instead? Or should I not be saying anything?

1:05:05 – Some days I’m all about play time, but other times I’m just so tired and really don’t want to lay on the floor and entertain my baby all day. Do you have any tips on how I can still connect with my baby and still help her development without it taking so much work?

1:10:45 – Do you typically keep with 1 type of play for the whole day? (fine motor for 1-on-1 and fine motor for true play)?


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