There’s something about a tiny, helpless little baby that just gets to us parents! They quickly become your whole world and you would do anything to keep them safe and comfortable. And that’s why acid reflux in your baby can be so stressful! You can see your baby in pain and you just don’t know what to do to fix the reflux problems they are having. 


Unfortunately, acid reflux is very common in babies. At least 40 percent of babies suffer from it!


This is because the esophageal sphincter at the top of your baby’s stomach isn’t very well developed and doesn’t always close properly. Which means that stomach contents and acid easily move back up into the esophagus.


Babies also have super tiny little stomachs. And it’s actually impossible to overfill your baby’s stomach. When it starts to get too full, it comes back up as reflux or spit up. 


I had never experienced heartburn or stomach reflux before I was pregnant and IT WAS AWFUL! Every time I ate, I experienced so much pain! So when my baby started showing symptoms of reflux, I knew I needed to find a fix as soon as possible!


If you want to fix your baby’s reflux and start seeing relief right away, try out these simple tips!


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Eat small meals more often


When your baby’s stomach doesn’t get as overly full, her stomach contents won’t be pushing up against that under-developed esophageal sphincter on the top of her stomach. Therefore, smaller meals mean a less full tummy and less acid reflux. Try to decrease the amount of food she eats at one sitting and offer more meals instead. 


Baby J sometimes wanted to guzzle a ton of milk at once. We built the habit of eating a few ounces, then burping, cuddling, and playing for a while. If he was still hungry about 30 minutes later, we offered more milk. This gave his tiny tummy some time to digest before eating more and started to fix his baby reflux. 


Eat sitting up


When you want to fix baby reflux, gravity is your best friend! When your baby sits, his stomach contents drop to the bottom of his stomach, making it make it harder to escape up into his esophagus. However, when he’s laying down, it all flows right up to that sphincter and into his throat. 


Try to feed your baby at almost a completely seated position. The more your baby is elevated, the more gravity helps to keep the stomach contents down in his stomach and out of his throat. 



Stay elevated after meals for 20-30 minutes. 


Again, remember that gravity is your friend! You want to give your baby’s stomach time to digest a little bit of her food before laying down. 


Keep your baby sitting or hold her up against your shoulder for at least 20-30 minutes after each meal. This is a great time to also burp your baby and be proactive about battling baby gas problems. 


For me, this was pretty easy to do during the day, but not so fun overnight when I was itching to get back to bed myself. But your baby will feel much better and sleep better too if you take the time to sit up with your baby for a little while after every meal. 


Elevate your baby’s head while sleeping


Many babies struggle the most with reflux while they’re sleeping. This is because their stomach contents push up against that sphincter as soon as they lay down all the way. 


Sleeping in a slightly elevated position can be a huge help to fix acid reflux! Our baby did much better once we broke a few sleep rules and he started sleeping in his swing. You can also check out different ideas to elevate the head of his bassinet/crib just a little bit when your baby sleeps. 


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Talk to your doctor about medication.


Some babies need a little extra help to finally fix their reflux. If this is the case, your baby might benefit from doing all of these tips AND also using a prescription medication. Talk to your doctor to discuss options.


We didn’t see much of a difference when we added meds. So we quit the meds and just stayed on top of all of these tips until Baby J outgrew his reflux problems. 


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Although baby reflux is stressful, there’s good news!


Most babies quickly outgrow reflux as their stomach gets larger and their esophageal sphincter fully develops. Usually, babies outgrow reflux problems by six months and all most all children outgrow these symptoms before their first birthday. 


What helped to fix your baby’s acid reflux?


Please leave a comment to help out other babies! I can’t wait to see your suggestions! 

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