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My name is Danielle and I’m the creator of Piece of Cake Parenting.

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Before having a baby, I had a TON of experience with kids. As the oldest of six (!), you learn a lot about kids. I could already swaddle like a champ, had the “baby bounce” down pat, and knew more about diapers than I really wanted to.

The problem was that no matter how prepared I thought I might be, I STILL felt clueless and overwhelmed as a new mom. During every early midnight nursing session, and about 100 other times in the day, I found myself searching Google for answers to my questions.

But honestly, that didn’t always help and it became such a frustrating process. It is exhausting trying to find answers to countless problems while also looking to find a glimmer of reassurance that you are doing something right.

As new parents, it feels like no one shares the tiny little secrets that are lifesavers.

How do you bounce just right to get your baby to sleep? How do you clip those teeny fingernails? Where do you learn all of the little things you should know as a parent?

It seems like we just stumble through those early years feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and guilty that we aren’t good enough parents or that we aren’t enjoying parenting as much as we want. 

And that’s not cool!

That’s why I decided to start the Piece of Cake Parenting blog and share REAL tips that will simplify parenting and help moms and dads to feel confident, prepared, and happier.

I know I can help you because all of my life I’ve been surrounded by babies and helped to raise kids. I’ve been confused and overwhelmed and done the research. Now I’m using all of my tips, tricks, and research to raise my own baby while simplifying things and truly enjoying these early years with my family.

And now it’s time to share all of those tips so that all parents can truly enjoy parenthood!

Whether you are a new parent, a veteran parent, or excitedly (and nervously!) waiting for your first baby to arrive, I hope you will find lots of useful tips and information here.

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Finally, I want to thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about my site. I can’t wait for you to discover my tips and start making parenting a piece of cake for you and your family!

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