I love what you do and I’m super excited you’re here!

Please consider this your official invitation to be a speaker while we strive to deliver the world’s largest virtual conference dedicated specifically to parenting babies.

The Baby’s First Year Conference brings together 25+ of the top world leaders in baby behavior, infant development, positive parenting, and family relationships to help new moms feel confident and absolutely thrive during their baby’s first year. 

The resources in this virtual conference give new moms the tools to better understand and connect with their baby, the confidence to embrace each new developmental stage, and the encouragement to renew their parenting journey and truly fall in love with this phase of motherhood. 

I would be genuinely honored for you to join our team and empower thousands of new parents to feel more confident and to transform their relationship with their baby and their mindset around infancy.

As a speaker, you have the opportunity to join a first-class expert line up to share your message and expertise with thousands of new moms, build your email list and online influence, and take advantage of our generous affiliate perks.

Summit Details in a Nutshell

Dates: September 29th – October 5th

*Dates are subject to change slightly based on the final speaking schedule

Target Audience: First time moms with babies between 0 – 12 months who are feeling overwhelmed with the constant changes their baby is going through and disconnected with their sense of self, their partner, and their wider support system. These moms strongly value a deep relationship with their infant and crave resources to help understand what to expect and how they can thrive while raising a happy and healthy baby and family.

Goal: Our mission is to help new moms transform the thought process around the baby days and fall completely head-over-heels in love with this special stage of parenting. We aim to give new parents:

  • A variety of resources to help them better understand their baby’s physical, emotional, and mental health needs and what changes they can expect during their baby’s first year,
  • Several tools to help them build up their self-confidence and thrive in their new motherhood role while also building up their relationships and support system,
  • And the path to transform their parenting experience from a state of overwhelm and uncertainty to one filled with confidence and connection with their child.

Free Ticket: All mamas can sign up for a free pass to attend this summit. Their free ticket gives them access to each day’s presentations for 24 hours, a free copy of our Super Mom Playbook filled with expert tips and advice from the summit speakers, and access to challenges and daily prizes.

All-Access Pass: Attendees have the opportunity to upgrade their ticket to our premium All-Access Pass, which includes lifetime access to all presentations, speaker notes, action guides, exclusive bonuses, and more!

  • One Time Offer – $47
  • Early Bird Discount – $67
  • Regular Price – $97

*As a speaker, you earn up to 50% affiliate commission for each sale that you refer.

What Sets Us Apart?

I know your schedule is busy and you are constantly getting asked to join summits and podcast episodes, but trust me, this summit is unlike any you’ve ever been a part of! 

Our top priority is making this the absolute BEST experience for all of our audience members AND speakers and we promise to over deliver every step of the way!


Sky-High Engagement

We place an enormous emphasis on engaging with the parents joining our sessions and have special challenges, activities, and guides each day to encourage as much audience participation and engagement as possible. This means that your message won’t just show up in their inboxes, it will actually be consumed, discussed, and implemented.

Emphasis on Speakers' Strengths

As a speaker, YOU get to choose how to best showcase your topic, whether that’s a pre-recorded interview or a solo presentation. We’ll work together to confirm the topic and format that will help you to best showcase your expertise while delivering the maximum impact for our audience.

Super Mom Guidebook

Every single person who joins the conference from the comfort of their own home will receive a free copy of our Super Mom Guidebook, which will feature expert quotes and tips from each of the speakers in the summit. You will have several opportunities to increase your exposure by sharing additional quotes or tips and will receive a link of your choice each time you are featured.


Transformation All-Access Pass

The free conference is incredible all on it’s own, but our all-access pass is going to take things to the NEXT level. With lifetime access to all of the presentations, valuable actions guides and quick tips, special access to gifts, and more, new moms can completely elevate their summit experience by purchasing the All-Access Pass.

Competitive Affiliate Payout

By joining our speaker team, you automatically lock in an affiliate rate of 40% for any All-Access Pass referrals you make. In the next few days, I’ll reach out to you to confirm your speaking spot and share a few super easy ways to unlock your 50% commission for each sale you refer.

Easy to Use Swipe-Copy and Promotional Materials

As a speaker, you will receive full access to our library filled with email and social media swipe copy, images, and graphics to make it a piece of cake for you to share the conference information with your audience and maximize your affiliate earnings.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Virtual Summit?

The Baby’s First Year is an online summit or conference which brings together experts and speakers who are all passionate about babies and helping new parents thrive during the infant days.

New moms from all over the world will have free access to each day’s presentations for 24 hours along with a daily challenge to help boost engagement and create a truly transformational experience for all attendees.

Attendees will also have the opportunity to purchase our all-access pass for lifetime access to the presentation materials plus tons of extra bonuses!

What do I have to do?

Not a lot!

We respect your busy schedule and make this process as smooth and easy as possible for you!

You have the option of creating your own never-before-seen presentation (like a webinar) or schedule a one-on-one interview discussion (like a podcast interview), depending on what best fits your schedule and highlights your message.

Aside from your 30-60 minute presentation or interview, I’ll ask you for a some biographical information to update the summit webpage and you’re all set!

You’re also welcome to provide a freebie/opt-in/lead magnet to promote with summit attendees and grow your own email list too!

What’s in it for me?

You’ll have the opportunity join our world class speaker line-up and share your message and expertise with new moms from all over the world!

You’ll be included in tons of free promotion and also have the opportunity to fill your bank account with affiliate sales from our all-access pass, all while helping new parents to transform their relationship with their baby and fall in love with new motherhood!

The perks go on and on and last long after the summit is finished!

Join Our Expert Speaker Team!

Joining our speaker team is easy! It’s like recording a podcast episode or a webinar, but with a lot more reach and promotion.

Can’t wait to confirm your spot? Click the button below to confirm your spot and get started.


Meet Your Host

Hey there, I’m Danielle.

I am completely head-over-heels in love with the baby and toddler days and it is my personal mission to help new parents find the resources and tools they need to feel less stressed and more confident so they can embrace these phases of their parenting journey too! 

I’ve spent tens of thousands of hours working with countless families and use my corporate coaching and mentoring experience to create personalized resources and guidance for every family that I work with.

Using my corporate organizational and event planning skills, I’m excited to work with speakers from all around the world to host the world’s largest virtual conference dedicated specifically to parenting babies!

Danielle | Piece of Cake Parenting