Coming up with the perfect gift idea for birthdays, Christmas, and other holidays is super hard. And I feel like it’s especially hard to find the perfect gift for babies and toddlers.

You want to pick something that baby will enjoy. But it’s also important to find a gift that is useful and appreciated by mom and dad.

Because at the end of the day, whether you’re looking for a Christmas gift, birthday present, or special something for another holiday or get-together, you want your gift to be treasured and used on a regular basis instead of thrown in the bottom of the toy box and forgotten about until spring cleaning.

If you want a list of really unique gift ideas for babies and toddlers that mom and dad will also fall in love with, check out the rest of this post! I’m sharing 29 of my favorite, unique, out-of-the-box baby and toddler gift ideas that new parents will truly appreciate receiving.

Keep reading to check out an epic list of 29 super unique gift ideas for babies and toddlers that parents will love too!

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Unique and Practical Gift Ideas for babies and Toddlers | Piece of Cake Parenting | Do you want to find the perfect baby or toddler gift that will be loved all year round? Check out this post for 29 super unique and practical ideas that new parents will love!

Before I jump into my favorite gift ideas, I want to explain my criteria for what makes a great baby or toddler gift.

This is the criteria I use to make sure every gift that I buy is practical, useful, and will be loved by baby AND mom and dad. (And I have been declared the present queen by all of my family and friends because I have a knack for finding the perfect gift for everyone.)

To find the perfect gift, I think about 5 main categories or criteria:

Practical items that are on my wish list, but outside of my budget:

I can’t tell you how many cool baby products and supplies I’ve been ogling for ages, but just can’t quite justify the cost.

A toddler table or fancy baby silverware might not seem like a “fun” Christmas present, but these are definitely the ones that I’m the most excited to receive because I know they will be used and appreciated every single day.

Open ended toys that have a high entertainment value: 

More and more parents are trying to be very intentional about the toys at home and are looking for toys that are open-ended and have hundreds of different ways to play with them. This keeps kiddos busy and entertained for hours and they’re much less likely to toss it aside for a new toy in a few minutes.

Toys that make your baby or toddler think:

Seriously, I get SO excited when I see a new toy, puzzle, or other gift that will encourage my baby to think and experiment. These keep him busy for ages and he is always so proud when he finally figures out how to fit everything together to accomplish his goal. This makes these types of gifts perfect for babies and toddlers.

Items that we will need to buy anyway:

Because I am all about practical items, I love it when people gift us something that we needed to buy anyway. This lets us save up the extra money for something fun to do as a family and build up our stock pile of must-haves like diapers, wipes, and baby clothes.

Gifts that will help us to problem-solve a parenting challenge:

Finally, my favorite category of gifts are the ones that will help us with a problem we are facing, whether that’s a lack of sleep, giant messes as we start introducing solids, or toddler tantrums sparked by a bored 1-year old. Any gift that helps us get past this hurdle is going to be a HUGE win for us.

Unique and Practical Gift Ideas for babies and Toddlers | Piece of Cake Parenting | Do you want to find the perfect baby or toddler gift that will be loved all year round? Check out this post for 29 super unique and practical ideas that new parents will love!

Keep reading to discover 29 baby and toddler gift ideas that are useful, fun, and sure to impress everyone, even parents that hate receiving gifts!

Make sure to keep scrolling down to check out all of these unique gift ideas! You’ll find a random mix of unique and fun gift options for both babies and toddlers that practical moms and dads will actually be excited to see their child open. Talk about a win-win!

Jonti-Craft Infant Coordination Mirror:

This mirror is adorable and such a fun idea! Best of all, every baby that I’ve met that has one is absolutely in love with it! It’s one of those gifts many parents will skip because they don’t need it, but they will love you if you gift it to them.

This great gift helps baby to walk along the barre to boost coordination and muscle development while also building social skills by talking to their cute reflection in the mirror. Shop here.

Jonti-Craft Sensory Table:

A wise mama once told me, “If your child is upset, just add water. Take a bath, run in the sprinkler, play in the sink. That will usually cheer them up.” It is amazing advice and works like a charm!

That’s why this sensory table is such a great gift idea for parents with young children. It introduces some really fun and unique play times to their routine and will keep young kiddos busy exploring and laughing for hours. Shop here.

Wood Designs Petite Tot Sand and Water Table:

If you prefer the wooden style and would like a slightly different sensory table, this one is the perfect choice for you!

You can fill the inside with so many different sensory materials and encourage great play with your little one, and then close the lid when you’re done for the day, making this a great gift idea and the perfect addition to a toddler’s play room. Shop here.

Newton Baby Crib Mattress:

Every practical parent will adore this crib mattress idea (especially if your baby is like ours and wakes up with a VERY full diaper ????).

This crib mattress is super breathable so it’s very safe for your baby AND it’s fully washable!! Yup, you can wash every part of this mattress to clean away any stains, bacteria, or accidents. Shop here!


Speaking of sleep, all new parents will be thankful if they can support their babies to sleep as successfully as possible.

I have heard so many amazing things about how helpful the DockATot is and they have cute patterns for babies 0 to 36+ months, making it the perfect present for a baby or toddler with tired parents! Shop here.

SNOO Smart Sleeper:

One more sleep-related gift that tired new moms and dads will instantly fall in love with is the SNOO. This has been tested by thousands of parents who all talk about the life-changing benefits it had for their sleep.

The SNOO mimics the womb and helps newborns to sleep better by gently rocking, playing soothing sounds, and automatically responding to your baby’s cries. Shop here.

Top Bright Wooden Art Easel:

Our one year old is SUPER into coloring, drawing, and painting right now. And we are happy to encourage his art skills and creativity.

If the babies and toddlers on your gift list also love art projects, I highly recommend this art easel to give them their own special place to color, paint, and create their own masterpieces. Shop here.

Fat Brain Toys Activity Tree:

This toy is practical and perfect because it has so many ways for your baby to play with. As an added perk, it is adorable so it makes a really cute addition to your nursery or toy room. Shop here.

Boba Baby Wrap:

Want the new moms in your life to LOVE your gift? Help them to cuddle and soothe their sometimes-fussy baby and be more productive with one of my favorite, must-have baby items.

Baby-wearing is a life-saver and my Boba wrap was perfect, even on the fussiest nights. You can check out tons of different patterns and styles for super tiny babies up to toddlers here.

Pop ‘N Play Ultimate Playard:

Babies are busy and as they start rolling and crawling, it can be really challenging to keep them in one place long enough to pick up, cook supper, or run to the restroom.

Parents looking for a practical gift will love this playard because of how light and easy it is to set up and take with you. It also has a special sun shield for play dates outside. Shop here.

Pop ‘n Dine SE Highchair:

New families can often feel cooped up because it’s hard to go out with a baby. Especially if you’re not sure if there will be clean high chairs available that will fit your baby properly.

Help out new parents by gifting them this portable high chair that is light and easy to take on any family outing. Shop here.

ezpz Baby Plates and Cups:

Ever since we’ve started introducing solids with our baby, I have been in love with these plates. Now, they are actually one of my go-to gift ideas for babies and toddlers. Not surprisingly, every time I have gifted these for holidays and birthdays, the parents are SO excited!

These are great because everything is designed with your young baby in mind and they make baby led weaning and starting solids with your baby a whole lot easier and much less messy, which is a HUGE bonus for everyone! Click here to check them out!

Grabease Baby Silverware:

These silverware are the BEST available for little ones learning how to use silverware.

Our baby gets super frustrated with “traditional” baby silverware but does amazingly with these. We love them so much, they are on all of my Christmas wish lists for family and friends to help us stock up so we don’t have to do the dishes so often. Click here to check them out!

Cushy Cart Cover:

A great, practical gift idea for busy on-the-go families is this adorable cart cover. This cover works great for shopping cart covers and restaurant high chairs.

It also provides a little extra support so younger babies can start using these earlier and they prevent baby from encountering any unwanted germs. Shop here.

Montessori Busy Board:

This busy board is the perfect gift to help keep babies and toddlers happy and content during independent play time, on long car rides, or at church or presentations.

As an added perk, mom and dad will love the peace it gives them to watch their baby happily explore all of the textures and activities. Shop here.

LoveEvery Play Kits:

These play kits are perfect if you want to help promote learning and keep your baby engaged and happy during playtime. Each kit is designed with your baby’s specific age and development in mind.

Inside each kit, you’ll also find several different toys that help to promote further development and help your little one reach their next milestones. I won’t lie, I want everything on their site… Click here to check out all of their different play kit options.

The Play Gym by Lovevery

Costzon Kid’s Table and Chairs:

As babies transition into toddlerhood, they become more and more independent and a great way to promote that independence and encourage independent play time is to give them their own special table and chairs.

Baby will love doing all kinds of activities and mom and dad will love a little extra me-time while their kiddo is busy playing away. Click here for more information.

Little Colorado Kid’s Wardrobe:

Speaking of encouraging independence, this is another great gift that will quickly become a family favorite.

This little wardrobe allows toddlers to become much more independent and gives them the freedom to pick out their own outfits each day and take a peek at how they look in the mirror. The best part is that this new independence will help to decrease power struggles and tantrums during morning routines, which is a huge perk for the moms and dads in your life. Shop here.

Play & Go Play Mat and Storage Bag:

This gift is genius! It doubles as a place for your baby to play first and then you can put everything in the middle, pull the strings, and the entire mat folds up into a portable storage bag. Seriously genius! Click here to check it out!

Closet Maid Cube Storage Organizer:

Another gift idea new parents will love because it helps to keep their homes cleaner and more organized is this great storage organizer. We like to put one toy or activity in each cute in order to stay super organized and rotate out the toys every couple of weeks.

It’s also great because it is less stimulating for your baby so she can stay more focused on one activity at a time. And it’s easier to teach her how to clean up after she finishes playing with her toys. Shop here.

Tot Tutors Kids’ Book Rack:

As baby builds up her collection of books, this is a great gift idea that will be super helpful throughout the year. This allows you to organize your books more clearly and help your baby see the book covers so she can pick out her favorites for story time each night. Shop here.

Melissa and Doug Geometric Stacker Toy:

Parents looking for practical gifts often prefer simple toys that will promote tons of engaging playtime. This set is one of the best that I have found!

It has several different stacking options to encourage your baby’s development and there are tons of ways to play with it to teach your baby shapes, colors, and sizes. Shop here.

Montessori Wooden Rainbow Arch:

Another amazing toy idea that is quickly becoming a staple for all babies and toddlers is this fun wooden rainbow arch toy. Although it’s “just” one little toy, it can keep your baby busy for hours as he lines up the pieces and tries to figure out the correct order to stack everything.

The best part about it is that it will entertain your super young baby with all of the vibrant colors and just keep getting more and more interesting as your toddler grows and figures it out. Shop here.

Skoolzy Nuts and Bolts:

Like I mentioned before, lots of parents are looking for great gifts that will hold their baby’s attention over and over again, and this play set is perfect!

It comes with lots of giant nuts and bolts for your baby to match up and screw together. Our 1-year old plays with his set for hours and is always proud to show off his matches to mom and dad. Shop here.

KidzWerks Child Standing Tower:

As your baby gets older, it’s super common for her to want to become more involved in the kitchen and help with meal prep. This is a great bonding experience for you and really boosts your baby’s confidence. But it can be hard to find a good and safe place for your toddler to help out.

These standing towers are AMAZING because your toddler can climb up onto them and then safely stand and watch all of your kitchen activities with you. You can learn more by clicking here.

Curious Chef Child’s Fruit and Veggie Prep Kit:

Speaking of helping out in the kitchen, you would be amazed at how young your baby can start helping you in meal prep.

New parents will love this fruit and veggie prep kit because it will help their baby to become more independent and their hearts will definitely melt every time they work together in the kitchen. You can get your own set here.

Skoolzy Kids Cleaning Tools:

Seriously, what parent wouldn’t love a gift that helps their baby fall in love with cleaning and helping around the house?

Including your baby in chores is incredible for their self-confidence and independence and it is so fun watching how excited they are to work alongside you.

This cleaning set has all of the essentials for your baby to start cleaning with you and to make chore time super fun for everyone. Shop here.

Photobook from Mixbook:

I think this is such a fun gift idea that will be absolutely treasured by the entire family and stay special as baby grows each year.

Compile a handful of the best baby pictures from the year and then put together a custom photo book using one of the hundreds of templates here. The final product is spectacular and so fun for everyone to flip through and reminisce on the year.

Amazon Prime Subscription:

I know this doesn’t seem like a “typical” gift, but I can guarantee that it’s one that will be loved by baby, mom, and dad for the entire year.

I can’t count how many times I desperately needed a few baby items and was completely saved by my free 2-day shipping with my Amazon Prime account. Shop gift options here.

There you have it! 29 of my favorite unique and practical baby and toddler gift ideas that everyone will be excited about!

I’d love to know what item here you would be the most excited to receive. Leave a comment and let me know your favorite gift idea on this list and the best gift you’ve ever received.

Unique and Practical Gift Ideas for babies and Toddlers | Piece of Cake Parenting | Do you want to find the perfect baby or toddler gift that will be loved all year round? Check out this post for 29 super unique and practical ideas that new parents will love!           Unique and Practical Gift Ideas for babies and Toddlers | Piece of Cake Parenting | Do you want to find the perfect baby or toddler gift that will be loved all year round? Check out this post for 29 super unique and practical ideas that new parents will love!

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