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Easy DIY Christmas Tea Towels Toddlers Can Make!

Are you looking for a creative and useful Christmas gift your toddler can make for grandparents, daycare providers, aunts, and uncles? 

These DIY Christmas tea towels are so easy that you and your toddler can easily whip them up in 15 minutes or less. And the best part is that they’re actually useful homemade gifts that grown-ups will genuinely use and enjoy. 

dad and toddler having fun brushing teeth together while the toddler brushes dads teeth

How to Brush Your Baby’s Teeth and 10 Ways to Make It Fun

If your baby or toddler is fighting tooth brushing, make it your top priority to make it fun to brush their teeth. Role model brushing your teeth and make it a big deal that you and your baby get to brush your teeth together. Add in games and silly activities to make brushing teeth fun and give your child control to help them look forward to brushing their teeth every day.