Understanding Attachment

a cute baby smiling wrapped up in a towle and laying on a bed

How to Calm Your Baby After a Bath

If your baby is always fussy at the end of bath time, it could be due to the temperature difference between the water and air as they get out. Try heating up a towel in the dryer so your baby is more cozy getting out of the water. Then snuggle and play to make this a special time for your baby. If your baby is still struggling, keep an eye out for other red flags and listen to your gut to identify other challenges with this transition.

young mother in a towel is lying in bed, plays lovingly with baby after bath

How to Take a Bath or Shower with Your Baby (EPIC GUIDE)

You can bathe or shower with your baby as often as you want to. Check to make sure that the water temperature is correct and get all of your supplies ready beforehand. Then get in the tub without your baby since getting in and out can increase the risk of falling. Pick up your baby and bathe or shower together while keeping a solid grip on your baby the whole time and enjoy bath time together.

Mother blow baby nose with tissue paper. Asian family spending quality time at home, living lifestyle indoors.

How to Blow Your Baby’s Nose Without Crying

The best way to create a stress-free way to help your baby blow their nose without crying is to make it as fun and easy as possible. Play first to help your baby feel connected and relaxed. Then touch your baby’s face with the tissue or aspirator so it doesn’t seem so scary. After that you can quickly blow your baby’s nose and then give lots of hugs and praise so the entire nose blowing process is as positive as possible.