Honest Peejamas Review – Do They Really Work??

Pop Quiz: Have you ever experienced any of these with your baby?

 1. Your baby finally starts sleeping through the night but wakes up every single morning covered in pee from head to toe.

 2. You plan extra time in your morning routine to wash your baby’s sheets, because you know she’s going to leak through her diapers… again.

 3. You’ve either seriously considered or already thrown in the towel and switched to no bed sheets at all in your baby’s crib. 

If you thought HECK YES! to any of these, I’m sending a virtual hug and coffee your way.

I’ve been there, done that, and know what a pain in the booty it is when your baby is constantly peeing through diapers at night no matter what you try to do.

I was recently gifted two adorable pairs of Peejamas and crossed all of my fingers and toes in hopes that this might finally be the solution to our bed wetting woes.

 Check out our eight day Peejamas review of exactly how these worked for us and the pros and cons to using Peejamas to help your baby stop soaking through her diaper every night. Trust me, it’s well worth a read if you’re struggling with diaper leakage too.

Peejamas are overnight training pajamas with a highly absorbent, built in lining. They are specifically designed as an alternative to diapers especially while working on overnight potty training. Their super absorbent built-in underpants were exactly what we needed to finally stop overnight diaper leaking for our baby.

We received Peejamas in exchange for sharing our honest feedback. All thoughts and opinions are 100% honest. This post contains affiliate links, which means I earn from qualifying purchases. Read more about these links in my disclaimer policy.

Peejamas - Helping Parents and Kids!

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What are Peejamas?

Are you asking yourself, “What the heck are Peejamas???”

Peejamas are special pajamas designed to help toddlers potty train more quickly with more confidence while helping parents to save money on disposable diapers and pull-ups.

Their design is so smart!

Inside each pair of pajama pants is a highly absorbent, built-in cloth diaper. Your child can continue to wear underwear during the night instead of regressing back to diapers or pull-ups, which is a major win-win.

Peejamas are specifically designed for parents who don’t want to spend money even more money on diapers and for toddlers who want to keep feeling like a “big kid” while they work on mastering overnight potty training.

Can Younger Children Use Peejamas?

Our baby is juuuuust getting started with potty training, and we’re still in the “pre-potty training phase.” 

He’s also a very heavy bedwetter, and truth-be-told, we’re probably a while away from tackling night potty training.

However, we found a pair of Peejamas that fits perfectly and use it in combination with our overnight diapers to dramatically decrease diapers leaking overnight.

mom sitting with baby on a bed while baby wears peejamas

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In short, Peejamas aren’t specifically designed for younger babies but can still work wonders if you’re struggling with overnight leaking.

Our Experience Before Peejamas:

Before I dive into our eight day review of our Peejamas journey, it’s helpful to know where we started…

Ever since our baby was about six months old, he has been a heavy wetter overnight. Seriously, his bladder size is impressive.

It’s not uncommon for him to wake up soaking wet in the middle of the night and need a complete change of clothes and bedding. He also wakes up almost every morning drenched. I mean head to toe, front to back drenched…

We consider it a good night if he makes it through the night with one diaper and an incredible (and very rare) morning if we don’t need to completely change his bedding and take a bath when he wakes up.

After trying everything to figure out why he keeps leaking out of his diapers every night and how to make it stop, I pretty much gave up hope and accepted that I would be washing sheets one to two times a day until he was fully potty trained.

Luckily, as we began exploring ways to support our toddler (now 19 months old) with his pre-potty training journey, we discovered Peejamas and decided to check it out to see if this would finally be what we needed to stop him from soaking his pajamas every night.

Keep reading to check out our daily recap and honest thoughts on how Peejamas work and hear the pros and cons to consider before buying your own pair.

Before Peejamas Average Wetness Baseline:

Average Pajama Wetness: 9/10

Average Bed Sheets Wetness: 7/10

Peejamas - Convenient, Affordable, Eco-Friendly. The OVERNIGHT Training Pants.

First Washing

Our Peejamas arrived in a cute little package with a note explaining that they needed 5+ washings for best results.

We threw them in the wash, excited to try them out!

Morning 1:

Our toddler woke up with a poopy diaper, which almost never happens anymore! ???? It soaked right through his diaper and a bit got on the built-in lining of his Peejamas.

But not a drop made it to the outside of his Peejamas and his bed sheets stayed clean and dry!

We used our favorite method to clean up baby blowouts and threw pair #1 in the wash.

Diaper Wetness: 6/10

Peejama Lining Wetness: 4/10

Bed Sheets Wetness: 0/10

Morning 2:

We switched over to our second pair of Peejamas and had a pretty typical night. He woke up with a pretty full diaper, which leaked through the diaper and got the inner lining of his Peejamas very wet.

A fair bit soaked through the lining and his pajamas and bed sheets were wet enough they needed a full washing.

Diaper Wetness: 7/10

Peejama Lining Wetness: 6/10

Bed Sheets Wetness: 5/10

Second Washing:

We did a load of laundry and both pairs of our Peejamas were washed and dried. We’re ready for days 3 and 4!

The convenient, affordable, eco – friendly alternative to diapers!

Morning 3:

I’m not sure what we have been feeding our baby, but he woke up with a very nasty diaper. It was filled to the brim with lots of pee and poo and he was rushed to the bathtub as soon as he woke up.

The inner lining of his Peejamas were also super wet, but the outside was hardly wet at all and his bed sheets were good to go!

At this point, I’m getting pretty excited about our new favorite pajamas.

Diaper Wetness: 12/10

Peejama Lining Wetness: 8/10

Bed Sheets Wetness: 2/10

Morning 4:

This was an interesting day in our Peejamas experiment…

He woke up with an average diaper and wasn’t actually too wet. But not a single drop escaped his pajamas and he was the most dry that he has been in months.

baby in Peejamas reading a book and sitting next to giant teddy bear

Now here’s the interesting part.

He slept until 10:00 am! Normally he sleeps in a little on the weekends, but usually wakes up as soon as he goes to the bathroom. Normally he’s pretty wet, seems a little cold, and obviously doesn’t want to go back to bed with wet pajamas and sheets.

But today, even with a fairly full diaper, his pajamas and sheets stayed dry and I seriously wonder if this helped him to sleep in and catch up on some much needed sleep.

Diaper Wetness: 8/10

Peejama Lining Wetness: 6/10

Bed Sheets Wetness: 0/10

Third Washing:

After our third washing, we noticed that the inner lining of the Peejamas were still a bit damp after coming out of the dryer. 

They are definitely absorbing more and more water and we’ll need to start drying them for a little longer or hanging them to dry after the regular load.

Morning 5:

Another day of sleeping in until 9:30 am and I’m wondering if our Peejamas might help us all to sleep in on the weekends.

His diaper was full, but his bed sheets stayed dry. The outside of his pajamas were just a little damp as a little bit of pee had soaked from the inner lining to the outside of his pajama pants.

Diaper Wetness: 8/10

Peejama Lining Wetness: 6/10

Bed Sheets Wetness: 1/10 (his bed sheets were dry, but the outside of his pajamas were a tiny bit wet)

Peejamas - Convenient, Affordable, Eco-Friendly. The OVERNIGHT Training Pants.

Morning 6:

Serious question I’ve never had to ask before… How many times per week you typically have to wash your baby’s sheets if they aren’t peeing through their pajamas every night? 🤣

I won’t lie, decreasing our morning laundry is a pretty awesome shift for us.

He woke up with a heavy diaper, but his bed sheets stayed super dry!

The lining of his Peejamas didn’t seem as wet this morning either, which makes me wonder if the lining is wicking away more of the moisture after a few more washes.

Diaper Wetness: 10/10

Peejama Lining Wetness: 5/10

Bed Sheets Wetness: 0/10

Fourth Washing:

We were a little behind on laundry and didn’t get our new jammies washed before bedtime, which meant we went back to an older pair of pajamas.

The next morning he woke up completely soaked from head to toe again. We even had to wash both of his raccoon loveys because they were sopping wet too.

So obviously, he’s still a heavy bedwetter and nothing has changed on his end since getting his new pajamas…

Diaper Wetness: 10/10

Peejamas Lining Wetness: N/A

Bed Sheets Wetness: 10/10

Our Peejamas did take a little extra to dry again. I’m not sure if this will change with more washes or if we’ll need to factor in extra dry time from now on, but it’s well worth it not to wash bed sheets 1+ times per day.

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Morning 7:

Back to our Peejamas and he woke up much more dry than the day before.

two pairs of peejamas laid out on the floor next to stuffed sloth toy

Full diaper, pretty wet lining, outside of the pajamas just a little wet, but dry bed sheets!

I’ll gladly sip on an extra cup of coffee with the extra time from not having to do a morning load of laundry.

Diaper Wetness: 9/10

Peejamas Lining Wetness: 6/10

Bed Sheets Wetness: 2/10 (his bed sheets were dry, but the outside of his pajamas were a little  wet again)

Morning 8:

Our final night of our Peejamas experiment and we’re going out with a bang that I couldn’t be happier about.

He woke up with a super, super wet diaper, which would have typically meant cleaning his pajamas, bed sheets, lovey, and mattress. Plus squeezing in a quick shower together to *hopefully* make it to work on time.

But his new pjs did their trick and he stayed dry! No extra laundry despite a really wet diaper. I can’t believe how well these are working and plan to keep using them as much as possible going forward.

Diaper Wetness: 12/10

Peejamas Lining Wetness: 6/10

Bed Sheets Wetness: 0/10

Do Peejamas work for eliminating peeing through diapers overnight?

Not going to lie, I am honestly shocked at how big of a difference our Peejamas have made in helping our baby to stop peeing through his pajamas at night.

We’ve tried everything we could think of to stop overnight diaper leaking, without ever seeing any difference in his diapers leaking every night. But our Peejamas seem to nearly eliminate this completely.

They don’t stop 100% of leaks overnight, but have made a HUGE difference for us and our very big-bladdered baby.

I want you to have as much information as possible, so after 8 days and the recommended 5 washings, we’ve found a handful of pros and cons to consider if you are thinking of buying a pair of Peejamas for your baby.

Note: Some of these pros and cons are specific to using Peejamas for young toddlers. This may change slightly with older toddlers who are specifically using their Peejamas to help master nighttime potty training.

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Pros of Peejamas:

1. Dramatic decrease in leaking through diapers every night 

They are super absorbent and seem to be exactly what we needed to finally stop soaking the bed sheets night after night.

2. Fewer diapers and night wakings

Our baby used to wake up crying in the middle of the night a few times a week because he had already soaked through his diaper and was sitting in a wet diaper and bed sheets.

This hasn’t happened at all since getting our Peejamas and we’re saving money on overnight diapers (plus getting more sleep!).

3. Soft material

The inner lining of the Peejamas is actually super, ridiculously soft and the normal shirt and pants have gotten softer and softer with each wash.

4. Increasingly more absorbent after a few washes 

I know some people who have tested out Peejamas were bummed out that they didn’t work as well as they envisioned right away. But the company recommends a minimum of 5 washes to work best. We definitely found that they became better and better with a few more washes.

Cons of Peejamas:

1. Much tighter than normal pajamas. 

Our Peejamas were much tighter fit than the PJs we were used to. I’m really glad that we decided to size up and got the 3T size (although he typically wears 2T).

The shirt is a little shorter than his normal pajamas and the butt and leg areas are significantly tighter. This is done intentionally to be safer and reduce the risk of loose fitting PJs, but definitely size up if you’re ordering your first pair.  

2. Not 100% leak proof. 

If you’re expecting this to be 100% leak proof from day one no matter how much your baby or toddler pees overnight, you’ll probably be disappointed.

It’s highly absorbent and dramatically decreases soaking the bed, but it can still leak  with a big enough accident.

3. Shirt isn’t absorbent. 

From what I can tell, the Peejama tops are just regular pj tops and don’t have anything built in to help with overnight bedwetting or leaking through diapers. As a boy mom, I’d love it if there was a way to build in that absorbency in the front of the shirt as well.

On the bright side, since the tops aren’t made of the special absorbent material, if you’re on a tight budget, you could definitely mix and max Peejama bottoms with some of your old PJ tops.


Interested in buying a pair of Peejamas?

Now that you’ve checked out my review and learned about our experience, I admit that I loved them and absolutely recommend Peejamas if they seem helpful for you based on this review.

Whether you’re also looking for a way to stop your baby from peeing through pajamas at night or working on nighttime potty training, I definitely think that you will benefit from these pajamas.

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I was honestly amazed by our experience and don’t think I can ever go back to normal pajamas (and too many loads of laundry…) again.

Click here to check out all of their stylish patterns and place your first order.

Don’t have time to shop now? Click the link here and bookmark the website so you can pull it up and check out your options later.

💬 Have you ever struggled with your baby peeing through pajamas every night?

What have you tried to help your baby stop leaking through diapers (and stop washing sheets every morning)? Share your tips in the comments!

Do you have more questions about Peejamas or want to know more about our experience?

Leave a comment below or send me an email at [email protected] and I’ll personally answer any questions that you have!

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