two pairs of peejamas laid out on the floor next to stuffed sloth toy

Honest Peejamas Review – Do They Really Work??

Peejamas are overnight training pajamas with a highly absorbent, built in lining. They are specifically designed as an alternative to diapers especially while working on overnight potty training. Their super absorbent built-in underpants were exactly what we needed to finally stop overnight diaper leaking for our baby.

Doctor checking baby's lungs with stethoscope while nurse coos and talk to the baby

Sudden Fussy Behavior in 6 Month Old Baby

It’s common for your baby to go through a period of extra fussiness around the six month mark. This is because they’re going through so many transitions and developmental milestones at this age. Understanding the causes of fussiness in your six month old baby helps you to be more empathetic and better support your baby through these challenges.